It is in the RV…

Is currently the most common saying for us… The RV is still in the shop, no big issue since we don’t have plans to go anywhere until we depart for Texas.

but there are small issues..and I am not mentioning the fact that I  have 3 pairs of underwear left in the house.

I was going to get the oil and filter to do an oil change on Andrea’s car.. I figured I will use that trip to take 5 quart of the old oil in the collection pan and bring it to the parts store to recycle….but all of that is in the RV.

Then I was going to climb on the roof of the shed and clean the gutters…the ladder for it is in the RV ( well on in this case )

I finally got an adapter socket set to work on andrea’s trailer hitch but my ratchet is  in the RV

Start loading up old ipad with some Audiobooks…can’t do that either it is in the RV.

I figured I test drive our tent on the deck to see how Lilly sleeps in  in  case we decide for weekend trips to south padre island and beach camping.. can’t  do that since it is in the RV.

There are many more examples like this.. It almost seems that 34 days before our Texas Adventure 90% of our life is already in the RV.





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