Why make appointments ?

Certain things make me wonder…why make appointments  is one of them.

We had an appointment for tuesday to get the RV radio replaced. First they called THOR with the VIN of the old rig to get warranty approval and were told the warranty expired then they called me to tell me  I have to pay myself.. that was an easy issue to clear up. Yesterday , 2 days later,   I called for a status ( personally i think  the customer should be informed daily ) and was told that they got the approval ( which i already knew since I called THOR myself on wednesday to make sure CampingWorld isnt as forgetful as AlbanyRV ) but they did not replace the radio yet… wouldnt you make an appointment if you knew you had technicans available to work on the unit ? 

Approval was given tuesday..why did no one work on it for 2 days ?

2 thoughts on “Why make appointments ?

    • Agreed ….I hate CampingWorld in Kingston,NY but I also hate AlbanyRV where we bought it. I do have to say the technicians at CampingWorld in Kingston did good work when they installed a MAXFan for us, but from my experience everything outside the garage is as useful as a box of rocks. The only reason I took them there was the fact that they cover warranty work for THOR and are 10 miles away vs 65 miles for the other place ..
      Once warranty expired I will do the same and use outside contractors.

      . Any tips on finding good ones ?


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