Selling the car

Time to sell the car.. i am not driving much and if i need to i can schedule my appointments so I can use andrea’s car.

Its a 2010 Subaru Forester with an extra set of snow tires, trailer hitch,, roof rack and ski mount.. KBB has it listed for $6999 and I am selling it for $5500 since the AC is broken (either clutch or compressor) either way, the price reduction shiuld be enough to deal with the hassle of repairing it.

I am amazed how some people try to lowball you to a point where I am almost insulted or what to reply to inquiries with SERIOUS OFFER ONLY. I am not here to rip someone off or to be ripped off.. I want a fair and realistic price for both sides.

Thats why I hate selling things.. I am…or at least I think I am realistic with the value of things but some people seem to try to get it for way below.. 

One thought on “Selling the car

  1. When we started selling our stuff to go full-time RVing, we learned the same lesson. All of the wheeling and dealing was exhausting. I had a gallon Ziplock bag of miscellaneous flatware for $1. The lady who bought it actually complained (as in made a big deal about it) that it did not have iced tea spoons in it. I was flabbergasted at that point and said, “Ma’am, I’m not going to quibble over a dollar, so you can have the bag as my treat.” She then tucked the flatware into her designer handbag and walked away–without a thank you, I might add. Ugh! Sometimes people are just… I hope you get your asking price with little hassle! Dawn

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