human rights

This is america…people will take advantage of you.
People will also help you and give you the shirt of their back and go out of their way to help you.

I was reading in one of my facebook groups that someone complained that after they returned to their campground they no longer offer a monthly rate but expect everyone to pay the daily rate of $59… one lady replied with “THAT IS GAUGING. SUE THEM”

I am A foreigner but I am sure it is called GOUGING but I am not sure I understand why it would be in this case…unless there is a law requiring campgrounds to offer monthly rates and $59 a day IMO is not unreasonable.  Changing their policy regarding offering a monthly rate might be a jerk move and unethical but by far no grounds for a law suit…plus.. Why not leave if they make such a business decisison…plenty of other campgrounds might be a good idea of those capeable to leave area and make room for FEMA or other rescue groups and give them place to work.

But maybe “the right to an affordable monthly rate on a campground” is now a HUMAN RIGHT…and I just didnt get the memo yet.

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