37 days and counting.

RV is in the shop to get the new radio installed…most of our clothing is in the RV..I am glad I work from home. There also seems to be a trend to use the webcam in our meetings..so far i dodged the bullet on that.

Watching Hurricane Harvey’s path and wondering if i should be worried about getting gas on our eay down to south Texas. Also worried about  beach erosion and damage in the area that might affect travels..

Any suggestions on tracking bridge/ Road closures while on the I am sure there is an app for that… I do have something from nixle that pages me for my area but i think you have to change the zipcode of it manually.

5 thoughts on “37 days and counting.

  1. I dont remember the area you are moving too. I personally would avoid as much of Houston area as I can. Perhaps going thru Oklahoma and down. I went to South of New Orleans several months after Katrina. Services and getting around was limited because of either construction or damage that had not been addressed yet. Many business did not ever reopen. Many communities were FEMA trailers at that point. Several years later we had a lady cook and she had just moved from her FEMA trailer after 3 years.
    Safe travels to you, and I would be packing a firearm for sure.

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  2. I looked at Apple and Google Maps traffics and it showed tons of road closures. If I were you I would plan the route so that I didn’t need to come close to I-10 in Texas and New Orleans.

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