Doing an oilchange

Why does everything always seems to turn into some sort of Klstrphk ?

I have done many many oilchanges, on my sisters VW Polo, my Audi 80 , my dads Passat, girlfriends Opel etc… Last time we had the RV in the shop and asked for an oilchange they charged us over $100 bucks for it.  Easy Peasy… I thought Oil and filter doesnt cost me more than $40 so lets do it ourselves.

Issue #1

The oilrelease is directly over the front axle so you need a funnel to redirect the oil around and into the collection container. 
Issue #2

The oilfilter is also directly over the axle  and its hard to take it off without spilling anything over the axle. One must pretty much put one arm on each side of the rv in order to remove the filter.
Issue #3

The oilfiller is located so high inside the engine compartment that its impossible to either pour from the container or use an oil can, we discovered the best way  is  to use some sort of cup…not too wide and not too long to fill the oil in that way while holding a funnel in the other hand or have a second person hold the funnel.

We got it done..alot cheaper than in the shop, but its was no fun  and without Andrea giving me a hand it would have been even less fun…but whats the alternative ? Most non truck places dont have bays with the clearance to accomondate an RV and the truck places charge an arm and a leg. I will have to keep my eyes open when we are on the road to find places that could do the pilchange for a reasonable price.

How do other Motorhome drivers deal with this while on the road ?

5 thoughts on “Doing an oilchange

  1. It’s actually offensive to me to “just pay.” I’m a firm believer in the “right to repair” and a company’s obligation to make repair manuals available to the consumer.

    If you do solve this problem in a sustainable way for yourself, I hope you will post it for others to share the benefits. I don’t think this issue is usually about protecting innovation, but rather “protectionist” networks of service providers…


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