44 days…and counting

Things are about to get real soon. 44 days till departure to what might be our new way of life…or maybe just a winter thing…who knows how we like fulltime RV workamping. Well for me nothing really changes..I will continue with my regualar work while Andrea is getting all the fun of a new place of work in return for a free campsite.

Andrea been painting and  patching up things in the house and I been trying to focus on getting rid of things and sorting  out what we need in the RV and what not. I purchased a hitch for the corolla so we can move the bikes from the RV to the car if we want to go and ride somewhere remote away from the campground.

I have planned to do an oilchange on the RV this weekend, earlier this week I mounted the WIFI repeater on a board and secure the cables so we can move it around easy without getting tangled up in a digital birdsnest. This coming Tuesday the RV will go to the dealer for some warranty work and hopefully we will have a working radio afterwards that does no fall in the dash when we hit a bump on the road.

Amazing how many things you actually get done once there is a due date to reach.

3 thoughts on “44 days…and counting

  1. My best advice is: organize, organize, organize. Have a place for everything and don’t take more than you need. It gets crowded quick, but make sure it feels homey bc you’ll spend a lot of time in it. Being a stay at home mom, I get bored sitting around all day. I have [a slightly large] fabric stash and sewing machine for quilting.

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