Asking for help on the internet

I keep making the same mistake over and over again. I ask questions in groups/forums on the internet. I always valued personal input over that from anonymous reviews or product description and think that someone with similar interests migth had smilar issue and can save me on making the same mistakes.

Recently I noticed that I am getting less and less helpful replies.

As an example…i asked about  UNVERSAL BICYCLE ROOF RACK SYSTEM for cars… the first reply I got was basically ” ITS HARD TO RIDE UP MOUNTAINS SO WE STOPPED USING BICYCLES” but it was encoded in a jibber jabber of words with similiar sounds so honestly I had no idea what that person was even talking about until she explained it again. When I asked politely what that had to do with my question she got offended and told me FINE…FOR GET IT…… angry typing on mobile devices never works…forget or for get ?

The next answer I got was from another lady saying their are using this EXPENSIVE BRAND NAME system on their truck to transport their kayaks…ok we got a bit warmer this time but still it has nothing helpful to me..I know that MONEY can solve anything but I asked about a specific setup and even explained that due to the price I dont want to go with a brandname as i can buy a hitch for less.

I know that everyone fights a battle i dont know nothing about , so I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but people need to learn that IT IS OK NOT TO KNOW EVERYTHING.  In internet forums you can usually see how many posts a user has and often some have some outlandish number so high that you know they reply to everything… most of the time with little to no value.

The next thing  I noticed is that alot of wives must have gained knowledge by injection. They reply to something and its usually partially wrong if not dangerously wrong. When you dig a bit deeper you find out that their husband might worked in that specific field and now she is an expert too.

On Facebook, the most anoying thing is if I see someone is asking a question that I would like to know the answer too and I select to get notification for replies to that post. Then when i get a Popup saying that someone replied and get all excited that I get to learn something I see that the comment only consisted of the word FOLLOWING  …….People dont even take the time to learn how to use platforms and how to follow something without posting a useless comment.

Maybe i am just in a weird generation ? I am young enough to rememeber the days of SYSOPS and IRC and old enough to talk respectfully on the internet and reply only to  topics I can add seomthing to.

2 thoughts on “Asking for help on the internet

  1. I’m old enough to remember when only nerds like me were on the internet so you could assume a certain level of technical expertise. Well, it wasn’t the internet yet. It was a BBS you had to dial in to join. I can’t even remember where I found my first connection! Was it on a (cork) bulletin board? 😀

    Sorry I don’t know much about bicycle racks. I usually check Costco (online store) first because their products are good quality at a fair price, plus they take anything back (i.e., if a rack doesn’t work on your vehicle.) That’s where I bought a hitch-mounted rack for my husband’s bike.


    • Thanks.. i ended up buying a hitch for my wife’s car so we can move the hitchcarrier from the RV to the car…then last night…another winner (elderly male) replied to my post/question with “I have a great cheap rack i move between the rv and car”.. thats great but no picture or brandname or description of sorts so i am not sure where he thought that his answer would be helpful….
      The best i saw so far was an elderly woman insisting that she can watch TV by using a streaming stick like firefox…HER GRANDSON TOLD HER SO AND HE KNOWS COMPUTERS…. it took mulitple people to explain to her that she will also needs to have some sort of internet access to make that happen….oh and what drives me nuts is when people dont understand the difference between 4G and WIFI


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