Drugs..part 2

The kids next door had a party again last night..lots of yelling, silly talk and story telling…. an apparently a competition as to who can yell the loudest.

Around 4 AM they went to bed/home/passed out..except for one of them who sits outside the RV and talks to himself about the same things over and over and over again…having a discussion about imaginary cops arresting him repeating.

Good day officer

May i take my arms down officer

I am an good citizen officer

I cant hold my hands up anymore officer

Is it ok to put y arms down officer to the rght ?
He recently added the “Father our…hallow be thy name..in germany we call it the VATER UNSER..I thnk here it might be the lords prayer or something to his rotation “babbeling”

Over and over and over again…a friend of his actually came out and told him to shut up there are no cops arresting him.

He did a similar thing yesterday so I dont know what he is on but I dont thnk he had much rest the last few days and should not be driving his car home. We are about to go outside and break down  camp and I hope I can grab one of his friends and see to talk some sense into them not to let him drive… hopefully there police is still up by the gate and I can talk to them to see what can be done in case he drives off. I feel sorry to tell in the kid but he is clearly a danger if he were to operate a vehicle  and in general he should get some help about his drug use.

4 thoughts on “Drugs..part 2

  1. Our campgrounds have quiet hours. I would have complained long ago and it would have been taken care of. Once seen a patty wagon, trailers etc come in at 1am and emptied a campsite right next to us of people, tents and equipment right in front of my younger children. I didn’t mind, it was a good learning experience of how not to act in public places.
    Ruined your weekend stay for sure because of some entitled spoiled brats!

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