Drugs these days

Remember the commerical with “This is your brain..this is your brain on drugs” ???

WASN’T that the truth ?

My question is…is it the drugs or is it irresponsible users ? Back in the days with any kind of drugs we were watching out for each other. One in each group  was staying back, taking less/none and watching out for over endulging and kept everyone in line/as a group together and stopped great ideas like ” climb that giant fence”, walk with that guy to his car / home” or “swim accross that river” in the beginning.

Today it seems taking drugs is like a competetion where everyone tries to get as messed up  in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Maybe they should come up with some sort of organisation similar like “big brother/ big sister” that goes to concerts and takes young people out of IMO potentially harmful situation. I have seen many young girls these last few days that were not in a mental condiition to have consensual sex and that had guys with lesser drug influence on them like ticks on an old dog… and you could see how the night would end for them.

But probably thats not even legal these days…maybe I am just getting old and should people make their own mistakes.

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