Peach Music Festival … Scranton,PA

Wedneday night we stayed at Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania. Nice quiet background with the exception that the drinking waer sites are amoslty located bewteen rows and you need a LONG hose to fill up your tanks. Lucky for us Andrea remember we had the same dilemma  last year and we went to the upper loop and found one closer to the road.

We got up at 4 AM. Gave ourselves a little “whore bath”, filled the fresh water tank, dumped and got on our way. We made it to the meeting spot with our friends in Scranton at around 6 AM. They called us and told us that their RV was overheating and might be late. at 6:30 we tried to make it up the mountain to the RV parking area and were not allowed . We made a left into a side road and waited / made breakfast. 

At 7 AM they allowed RVs up the mountain and we made it up, together with many other. We were in the 2 line waiting to get in and our friends texted us saying they were are few rows over. AFter we passed our security check for ilegal  things ( we must look boring cause it was fast )we pulled over to the side and waited about 1 hrs for our friends to get by so we got spots together.

We set up , hung out & went to the water park to cool down & back to the RV to eat and freshen up

At 6 PM we went back to the stage and saw 2 bands, great vibe and great music…around 9:30 PM we got tired and went back to the rig to chill and hit the sac. Been a LONG DAY

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