EZPASS..Toll less Billing

I do not wish ill upon anyone, it is horrible when someone loses their job but i have to say i am looking forward to toll less billing on the NY Thruway.

I dont think I have ever passed a toll booth in the last 10 years where the toll collector WAS NOT on the phone making personal calls, being distracted with crossword puzzles or sudokos and not paying attention to push the button so the reader will check my EZ pass tag. The littel maps outside the booth that suppose to inform the traveler about road / traffic condition also never gets updated. We could have the chinese army roll north towards albany or a torando carrying sharks  causing dangerous travel conditions and  there would be no notification on that board. The few times we verbally interacted with them we only received wrong information which resulted in overcharging and time spent on the phone to straighten out proper billing.

So based on this I am really looking forward to paying for my tolls without having to interact with the toll collectors.

4 thoughts on “EZPASS..Toll less Billing

  1. Have had the ezpass for years as I use it to visit my daughter when going through the Chicago area.. Many areas have readers now that will scan you as you drive at 60mph. no slowing down.

    my complaint is the toll roads seem to the ones in least repair. The cost is rising all the time. In Chicago they are still jammed with traffic and the speed limits are reduced. And I have to pay for that on top of taxes?

    In Chicago they are unavoidable, and if you don’t have that electronic pass on your windshield, then you know the guy in front of you is going to drop his coins!

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    • The new system here just scans the tag or takes a picture of license plate and bills the owner. I hope this will stop the issue with out of stater running the toll booths and not paying. They have this system MA. And it seems to work great .
      I agree that sometimes i wonder why i pay tolls.. we were around chicago on a toll road where we hit a dip that felt like it took out the springs in our rig. My back was hurting for a few hours after that.


  2. I feel compelled to say that I have had positive interactions with toll booth workers from Boston to Indiana. (I can’t come up with a single positive for Illinois; sorry!)

    I do always begin with a smile and a How are you? I need a receipt, so I also have time to say Thank you.

    Not all smile back, but at least 30% seem genuinely engaged in getting the job done with courtesy…

    I prefer the speed of electronic tolling, but I also love to sing the unsung heroes, like toll collectors and tow truck drivers, who keep us moving. 🙂

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