It might be overpriced thinking that dinner at home for 2 people will cost you 22 bucks but  IMO the teal value is that you learn. New recipes and get inspiration for your own creation. Being a vegetarian and lazy i usually end up  eating wraps, fake nuggets or bean burgers.

This swevice gives me the chance to get new idea for cookign and choices.. i would have never tried to make patties out of masa without them  but they came out very good and i will add themto my diet.

The last dish we made was very flavorful with just the right amount of heat. If anyone wants to learn new recipes or get cookign idea i can only recommend these kind of meal serivces, the meat and fish they deliver ( we used to have BLUE APRON and HELLO FRESH) is usually restaurant grade .

6 thoughts on “GreenChef

  1. Being mobile, do you have any problems with shipping/receiving the packages? I used Hello Fresh for a brief period in the past, but haven’t contemplated meal delivery as an option since we change addresses every month.

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