Hackensack Mountain,Adirondacks

So far I like my AllTrails App for my phone, its nice to have access to trail heads you would normally not know about and and the $24 is worth not having o look and buy local hiking maps whereever we go.

The hike was described as Moderate which might be true but it should have said that there were some real steep section as well as a short rock scramble. The whole steep section turned outt o be too much for andrea and her new knee and I proceeded alone taking the dogs with me.

At one point someone installed  ropes to make it easier and when we got to the rock scramble hunter started to have issue.. he is over 14 and while his spirit is willing his body just cant  jump those boulders anymore. We made it to the viewing area and turned around to meet andrea and continue on the pond loop.

We lost a few pint of blood to the mosquitos but it was great to get out into nature wih andrea and the dogs.

2 thoughts on “Hackensack Mountain,Adirondacks

  1. For me the mosquitoes take the joy out of the hiking. I guess that’s why I am usually in a boat. They are not bad on the water but brutal on shore. For Zakk’s morning walks before fishing in Canada I use a Picaridin skin-so-soft pump spray. Back of legs, arms and neck. I also spray my hat. Not long lasting but does the job against Canada national bird! What do you use that is effective?

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    • for “stationary” deterrence we use THERMACELL which works well unless its too windy. I used alot of sprays from DEET to natural and so far nothing really works well and the only thing that does it usually to keep moving. ( but when the dogs do their business of course thats not an option )


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