Let’s ban dogs

I am starting to understanding why there are bans… well I always knew but its sad when you see the real life examples of why there are bans.

The campground we are at , like every other one we ever stayed at has simple dog rules, the main one your dog being under control and on leash. One other rule being not to move firewood so the soread of invasive species can be be limited.

The peeps next to and across from us are coming from the wonderful state of Massachussets…or, like i like to call them..they are MASSHOLES. First their dogs are off the leash and everywhere, on the picnic table in other sides chasing balls down the street. They are nice cute dogs but them running lose now gets every other dog barking cause they want to run lose too.

How long till someone is going to complain that barking dogs are a nuisance and campgrounds will limit dog access just because a few people cant follow rules.

The same people bring their own firewood, not aged, not kiln dried, whatever rotten wood they had in the yard is now smoldering away…but before it had to be chopped of course cause u cant go camping prepared and with chopped wood. Just yesterday I read in the paper about a nee invasive species of bug making a debut in the Adirondacks.

Druge use…there is a time and place for everything. I am a proponent of the legaliztion of certain drugs but I also don’t think you should “partake” when camping with underage kids, some of them seem to be friends of your kids and not yours…even if you do it when the kdis ate at the pool and you are doing a quick one hitter, first the smell juts lingers in the area and now other people have to explain to their kids why soemthing smells funny.

As much as I hate regulation i can see why we need them , people think the rules dont apply to them, act without consideration or afterthought but then are the the first to scream REGULATION NATION when things are being banned.

I know , I know….not  really a KIND entry but i needed to vent.

6 thoughts on “Let’s ban dogs

  1. Holy cow, we must have the same neighbors and they follow me everywhere we go including Canada. It bothers me that I keep my dog on leash in those places, carry my poop bags to clean up and the others are running free. Drives my dog crazy because he wants to play too, and drives me crazy when my dog gets blamed for the others deposits! The only solution I think is to become Massholes ourselves and complain. I hate it.

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    • I was thinking the sams thing.. here i am working quietly around the camper , dump tanks, close doors quietly when i should just but some Bohemian rhapsody by queen on the outside speakers and welcome the new day in style


  2. It’s frustrating, especially when we’re ones who follow the rules and try to be considerate of our neighbors. I agree with every one of your points above. I hope they don’t ban dogs altogether, though. I have a bullmastiff that I love dearly. I also keep her on a leash, clean up after her, and give her wonderful treats because she isn’t a barker. I wish dog owners realized they represent all of us–it irritates me when they break the rules. Your rant WAS kind, though–it could have been much worse. 🙂 Dawn

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