More about online yard sales…

Not sure why i am getting irritated about selling things in online yard sales but its starting to anoy me. There are many nice people, that dommunicate well, arrive on time and dont want to haggle the last  moment. For those  I know i priced the items fairly for both sides.

Then there are others, that seem to want to have everything for free and have a very awkward way to show it.

1st selling a bicycle for $20. One person sends me a facebook message at 3 AM with “$10” is this a statement  or a question ? I know young people dont use the ? much anymore in written communication.  If you want to pay less how about a wll formulated sentence asking me if i would take $10 because of xyz ? I am a sucker for sad stories.

2nd selling a bicycle mount for a car.. again… someone says $25 … I reply with $30  but you have to pick it up.. the kid replies with 25$ .. adress ?  Again.. how about more than 2 words? Plus his profile says he is from new jersey.. so I am not sure it was even a sincere offer or just a way to get me to leave the house..

3rd selling an inflatable boat for $50… guy pings me saying you take $10 ?.. atleast he used a whole sentence… 2 other peeps had interest and i sold it for $50 .

And so it goes on..with  the example of the bicycle… i would probably give it to free to someone if it would help that person, but communication is key I think as well as being polite. Dont try to lowball me right out of the gate, talk to me.. i am usually a pretty reasonable person to work with but i will also shut down if i get the feeling of being taken for a ride.

I  do not people with entitlement thinking and rude people and the items I dont sell will go to the thriftstore in town that gives the money to local animal shelters  for me the whole anoying part is the lowballing 5 seconds after an items was posted and the lack of communication.

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