Internet Forums and Facebook Groups

I first started using the internet in 1995..maybe 1996.. before that we used sysops and BBS system to get code and play online. With the internet came IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ) where they had chatrooms separated by topics and people asked for help or info based on the subject matter of that room. The more people accessed the internet and soon it became a playground for horny middle age men.

I miss those times  where the internet was actually useful and polite.

I recently asked a question in RV forum and instead of knowledgeable people answering everyone spewing their half wisdoms. I dont want to be rude to people but  I explained in detail the issue (no power going to radio) and the fact that i measured it with a voltmeter and mulitple people suggested that i should push the reset button on the radio.  When i explained again that the harness has no power  they seem to get offended telling me they had THE SAME issue and  a reset worked.. when i asked if they measured if they had power on the harness before  the reset they told me they never measured it… HOW IS THAT THE SAME ISSUE ?

Again, I dont want to be rude to people trying to help but sometimes people need to not reply unless they really understand the issue or have the skill required to troubleshoot the issue. You don’t see me joining a brain surgeon forum and group and giving medical advice.

I am sure they all mean well and are trying to help but to use another recent example.. telling me they use their HDMI cable to watch dish network is not really helpful to me asking where the HDMI cable  connected to the outside TV is suppose to end up inside the coach.

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