Andrea been geeting some jitters for the workamping job. Someone in a FaceBook group is also starting at the place she is and has also been told that there is never an opening and other similiar unique aspects. Makes us wonder a bit and we thought about calling and asking some clarification…but then whats the point ? Over the phone they can feed you a new line of BS that you dont know the real deal until you  get there and see it in person.

Honestly, I dont worry much… I am not someone that can be pushed into a corner and forced into a situation. (IBM tried that a few years ago and I quit which made them change their tune and i decided to stay for a few more years )  For me, the worst case scenario is that we go somewhere else  and might have some financial loss and learned a valuable lesson. 

I looked up the place on the workampers website and found 2 review that were positive.. Sometimes the only way to find out if the water is cold is to stick a toe in….

2 thoughts on “Jitters

  1. Whether it’s a positive experience or not, it will be an experience! If it’s not what you’re hoping for it may still open up opportunities for you that you may have never found without taking this first step. Good luck and have fun with it.


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