Why did the chicken cross the road ?

So he doesn’t get beat up… for a few months now our neighbors have a visitor. A little rooster the called “Red” First they thought that he was a she and built a little coop for him. No one knew where he came from. Couple weeks ago Red disapeared and the neighrbos followed him… he went across the street and up someone driveway where there were more chickens. they talked to the chickenowners and were told told that Red was the runt of the litter..if thats a thing for chickens and that he gets beat up by the other roosters often…they were told they are welcome to visit Red whenever they want..and Red actually came to them when they called him.

I guess Red still gets beat up cause what he does now is spend the days over with the other chickens and when its getting dark he walks accross the road, to our neighbors and sleeps in the bush inder their bedroom window where he also finds fresh water and food.

I got up early this morning and I hear him outside welcome the morning sun.

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