Tidy up after yourself

Every place I always worked we had standard policies regarding cleanliness.. Even going all the way back to school.. In shop we had to sweep the area we worked  in and put tools away as well as bring the garbage out.  In the Navy we had clean the barracks, buff the floor ( by hand ) and remove 3 lbs of pubic hair from the shower drains  every weekend.

Even in my “virtual” work place we we taught to clean up after ourselves… remove temp files, remove installation files, make sure all filesystem  have enough free space , apps are running….etc.

Apparenlty this is not the case in the RV industry, where they take as many shortcuts as possible and turn the unit and the place they worked at dirtier than before.

Recently I had the RV in for warranty work ( 80 % of the work was not done which no one told me till I asked why.. which turns out to  be 90% lies   ) They replaced the freshwater tank ( at least I think they did)  and there is this little piece of black plastic that protects the sensors. that little piece has a piece of wood attached that’s suppose to go up and gets fastened  into the subfloor.
Whoever replaced the tank did not put it it far enough so that piece of would does not fit anymore and because that person was lazy  just fastened it and now I had a 3 inch overlap of the plastic into the storage below the tank ( perfect  to get caught up and ripped off ) Instead of doing the right thing and adjusting the tank they just screwed it  in.


So I fixed it and trimmed the bottom off… then when I was screwing it back in I was starting to wonder HOW they got the screw to stick.. its a good 3 inches  to the floor with 1 inch screw.. I took a closer look and saw that instead of sanding the wood down so it fits in the gap  they just drilled a hole in the  metal of the door frame and used a self taping screw and because they were  besides logically challenged also clumsy their first attempt failed miserably, I sanded it down fit in in the gap and used a regular screw to secure the wire guard.. I actually used 2 screws so there is no wigglewhen driving… because that’s how I roll.


Then I took a closer look at the area they worked at… Hardened glue drops, drill shavings, parts ( I hope of the old tank and not the new one ) I mean I don’t expect the  compartment polished or anything .. but not having debris in it would be nice.


I think I officially give up on Albany RV ( RVONE.COM ) in Latham,NY.  I am pissed to the point where any discussion would just escalate PLUS I have no faith  in the skills of their workers or the honesty of their Service Management Team and frankly do not want them to touch anything in my RV again.


To end on a positive note.. I am getting really good at troubleshooting and fixing RV issues.


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