Where do  you start ?

The task fo downsizing seems overwhelming, what do you get rid of and what do you keep ? I really love my snowshoes but how much sense does it make to keep them if the whole idea is to avoid  cold weather ? The same is true for our canoe..we used it maybe once in the last 2 years. ALot of my other things I can sell or give to people that can use them.

We ( Andrea) started painted the inside yesterday  and tomorrow we will rip the bedroom apart and start working on that. At least we have the RV to sleep in so we can focus on the inside of the house work. W.e will also have to focus on  the closet and get rid of alot of things we just dont wear often.

My office is a mess right now but I think after the weekend I will have it cleaned up enough and I decided that. When we come back from the Solar Eclipse  the end of august I might as well just leave my office in the RV  so we have another room totally free.

Now the question is.. how to we find a tenant  that is trustworthy and smart enough  to deal with quirks of an old house ?

7 thoughts on “Where do  you start ?

  1. Just went through all of that and know exactly what you’re going through… and BTW, I did keep my snow shoes, not sure where Ill be full timing where there will be sbow, but hey, you never knowL

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  2. I don’t envy you. I had renters once. A good one and a lousy one. The lousy one made me sell and get out of that business. I find it very hard to get rid of things I have acquired. I would suggest storage if it could be had at a reasonable cost and make those decisions later. Good luck


  3. my wife rents appartments for a living so she can tell some good horror stories about that work.. I dont want to put stuff into storage.. for me storage is like attics ( stuff goes up and never comes down ) except with storage you have to pay now


  4. I would keep the snowshoes. Gears and tools are expensive to replace and you don’t get much or at all trying to sell them. We found that we wore the same clothes again and again. We got rid of a lot of clothes and still have many that we never touched. Keep what you wear, not what you might wear. Even the deserts get cold in winter and night time, don’t get rid of all winter clothing.

    David turned over the rentals to a management company when we moved to Virginia. We still have them manage the properties when we went full-time RVing. How are you going to deal with a tenant from thousands of miles away?

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    • A friend od ours is a property manager and said she would look after the house/ and handle the tenant..

      You are rigt with the clothes.. we did the same but still have tons of stuff wr might wear. Some of the “might” stuff i will keep and put in one of those vacume bags, they are mostly dress pants and shirt for when i have to go to the office.. which doesnt happen often..maybe once a year or less.


  5. It’s a huge change of life. We did it 3 years ago.

    Finding someone who will respect your house? When you have candidates…FB, drive by current residence, see how they live…check clerk of court website for the state check for lawsuits…get rent high enough and deposit high enough to weed out some but may be affordable for someone who loves it…check all references.


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