The next phase in our life

Looks like we are moving to texas, at least for the winter. 

Andrea was offered a job in south texas from november to april, working in the office of a campground 24 hrs a week in return for a free site and utilities (propane excluded)

We talked about it all weekend, discussed the pro and cons and worst case scenarios. At the end we decided we would go for it.

Now we have a packed summer ahead of us, the house needs to be fixed up os it can be rented or sold..or winterized safely and our minimizing efforts need to get cranked up a whole lot.

We are planning to get down to texas in the middle of october ( job starts nov 1st ) and get everything settled.

It’s all a bit overwhelming it seems but hopefully it will work out ( it usually does for us )

6 thoughts on “The next phase in our life

    • Yes I / we are excited.. for me its a bit the same way i felt when I moved from Germany to the USA and then my journey to become a citizen. It’s scary to go out of the comfort zone but I dont regret it at all, change is good, adjusting and overcoming obstacles means personal growth.


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