Pack Forest in the Adirondacks

Andrea is not happy right now.. I tricked  her a little bit into a hike by saying it was “short”. Well in my defense it truely is a short hike.. 4.5 miles isn’t something I consider long but she hasnt hiked in years so it might have been LONG for her.

I found the trail using the ALLTRAILS app on my phone. I spoiled myself to become a PRO member ( $29 / year ) so I can download maps to my phone. The app came in pretty handy as it shows your position  on the trailmap.

The hike started with a lot of confusion. We thought the trail was the “nature trail” where as sign told us that dogs are not allowed . We then started walking down the road in hope to find “the real” trail but quickly realized that the road is the trail ( no trail markers though )

The trail basically follows a pond  and is at its worst part a logging road but still good enough for any age and ability as well great for biking ( certain sections dont allow motorized vehicles ) 

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