6 month as vegetarian

What started as  quick fix to get my cholesterol under control has now pretty much become the norm for me. I usually don’t have issues finding things to eat and I definitly do not miss eating meat. As a matter of fact i feel alot  better overall. My joints don’t hurt and I don’t have acid reflux, no stomach aches, no bloated feeling.

On our trip to colorado I had a pice of chicken from and it didnt do anything for me…no urge to go back on the meat wagon at all.

I have however been getting a bit bored with recipe choices, mostly because i am lazy  and dont feel,like doing research and going to the grocery store. I signed up for the vegetarian option from GREENCHEF and got my first delivery last week… easy to make tasty recipes that i can now disect and put together to my likings.

Tonight I made Carrot Patties with some sauteed veggies and brussels / cabbage slaw.. took about 40 min to make…  very tasty and i will try to make the patties again but with a different sauce.

7 thoughts on “6 month as vegetarian

    • I think my doctor offered me that brand to get it under control. I was a bit ticked off that she didnt even suggested changing eating habits ( and kinda shows how doctors and the pharma industry ) work together to keep each other in business.
      after 3 months my cholesterol improved by over 40 % and now I am all back to normal blood results.
      I really don’t like to start taking meds , cause once you start you will slowly need more and more counter act the side effect of the other drugs.
      I know I could live in moderation and prob be fine but I really dont miss it and the “side effects” that come with it. But if I catch a nice rainbow or salmon I might make an exception…


  1. I think you have to do what works best for you. I ‘accidentally’ became a Paleo- ish type eater and it seems to work well for me. I think this journey through life we have many options and if you like a plant-based diet go for it!


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