Visitor to the yard

I guess I found Lilly skills… SNAKE DOG…

Yesterday she sniffed out this little fellow. Looks like a Northern Water Snake and the fellow was  pretty aggressive too but from the looks of his belly he just ate and was just laying around to digest his meal.

Snakes creep me out but I dont mind them knowing they are useful creature.

7 thoughts on “Visitor to the yard

  1. I know snakes are useful, and I never let visiting kids kill them when we were living in the country, but, oh, that picture creeps me out. The ones we had were not poisonous. I would likely have changed my tune if they were. The ones we had just ate mice and other things, so I felt they were beneficial.

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    • Right .. we were camping in OH and next door were some people from WV that killed a bunch of water snakes because the kids were playing in the stream. I will never understand people like that


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