Did I really say…. RV repairs completed ?

Have I not learned anything in that last few years ? 

We picked up the RV, I checked the freshwater tank and its seems to be a new one. Of course the  way they mounted the cover for the sensors shows how smart these people are. Instead of installing it the way it should  be OR cuting it so it doesnt hang over the storage part they just  screwed it in.

I checked the door for the outside TV and its still not closing right and rubbing against the frame so cause the paint on the door to be gone and bare metal  to show. 

Radio…I was all happy to see the box was open.. i turned on the Radio.. and 10 min later  the sound faded away …same issue as before. What are the chances of 2 radios having the exactly the same “thermal” issue ?  I took the “old” radio out of the box and long behold.. it was a different model Radio, nicer it seems, coming with  a remote even. So now I know for a fact they didn’t replace the radio.

I also doubt they looked at the leak issue since the carpet infront of the panel was laying exactly the way we left it

They did screw the battery box in but its so crooked that one side is snug up to the frame and the other is maybe 2 inches away from it with the bolt just holding it by 1 or 2 threads I assume ( planning on doing a video on that )

They also did fill that hole into the RV so thats a point for them… but they didnt fix all the half in screws or the issue with the bathroom door. ( we are going to buy wood filler ourselves, fix it and then have THOR reimburse us for the parts.

Maybe instead of “Traveling-Kind” we should rename the blog to Andrea & Ralf ” The RV repair couple”

Right now we are parked at the Lake George Escape RV Park in Warrensburg,NY and  right next to is is anoerh 2018 THOR.. model 27.3 also purchased at Albany RV and .. they have the same issue with the service department… we spent a good 30 min yesterday exchanging horror stories.

5 thoughts on “Did I really say…. RV repairs completed ?

  1. After fixing the water damage on my 11 year old fifth wheel, I was wavering on looking for a new RV. Thanks to your post, I am becoming more happy with my old RV. Since everything works in it and the bugs have long been worked out of it, it is pretty reliable. Maybe more than your new one.

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