Big Brother is watching…

And I am not sure how I feel about that. On one side I love statistics, where, what how long. I love to look at my old spreadsheets from our ski days ( we used to ski 50 + days a season ) look at the name of the place and remeber the fun we had. 

Seems like google is keeping an eye on my and is giving me a review of where I have been and what I have done. 

This morning I got an email from google with my ” June Summary” and i am not sure yet  how I feel about that but my inital reaction is  WTF  !!!!

4 thoughts on “Big Brother is watching…

  1. On top of being creepy, you KNOW that Google sells this information. This is the main reason I avoid using Google products as much as I could, esp. if I have to sign into my account first.

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  2. I vote completely creepy.

    I also avoid Google services for this reason, but I’m skeptical that most of us can avoid being profiled without so much extra work that it’s probably not worth it.

    I do use Duck Duck Go for a search engine.

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