RV repairs completed

We they are suppose to be done today and we are picking up the unit after work and taking it to a quick “shakedown” to Lake George in the Adirondacks since the dealer is only 1 hour south of  the campground. The most important part is really the fresh water tank and the radio / mount.

I was a  bit confused when they called me and  asked for details of certain items on my list. Does that mean they looked under the RV and it looked OK to them ? That would be scary.

I hate to be negative and think bad of people but I have little hope that they fixed the smaller issues correctly. Maybe I should really go for the RV Technican class so I can understand this all better and have other tools than “common sense” and “youtube”

But maybe I am all wrong and they fixed everything and its all rainbows and butterflies…who knows

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