Is RVing infectious ?

We spent the 4th of July Parade with my old Manager and her mother. The last 2 years we been traveling on the 4th  to escape the bombbuilding skills ( or lack of ) my neighbor so this was a nice change to see her again. Her kids are grown now, the youngest moved to another state and her husband  is getting close to retirement.

We were talking to them about what we think is a “sub culture” of travelers, the workkamping force and how we envision our life once Andrea retires  and we can travel me working my IT job form the road and her working as camphost / office help in a RV park.

Due to the photos we showed them from out trip they seem to have gotten the travel bug and are talking about getting a RV themselves and travel a bit. I do think they have the personalities to do so and I think both them of need a purpose after retirement. IF they actually end up buying a RV that would make them the 2nd couple that did so based on our experiences and travels.

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