Ever since we started downsizing I made it a point to only buy new clothing when I throw something out.  Well…the cat managed to rip a hole in one of my favorite tie dye shirts  I decided to get a new one. Usually Andrea makes them for me but we have been so busy that it will take till september before she can make more again.

I went online and found this place called spreadshirt that lets you make your own t-shirt. It took me less that 10 min to select my favorite logo for the front and text for the back. 

All together it ended up costing me $31 but I am very happy with the quality of the shirt, the tie dye and the print.

2 thoughts on “Spreadshirt

    • Thanks..and I dont feel bad about spending $30 on it either knowing how much time it takes my wife to make the dye, prep everything etc…of course maybe that changes after the 1st wash but from the feel of the material I think it will be fine ( plus its just a matter of time until the cat tears a hole in it or until i get caught somewhere and do the same.

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