Huckleberry Rail Trail / Hanes Falls,NY

This morning I decided I need to get out of the house and do some walking. Hunter didn’t feel like it, matter of fact he is really showing his age the last few days in this heat. 14 years running full steam and he finally slowed down. I left the AC on for him and Lilly and I took off in the car up Platte Clove towards Hunter.

We decided ( well I did ) to walk the Huckleberry Rail Trail in Hanes Falls,  a little known / visited rail to trail conversion that makes for a nice easy walk on sunday mornings. The air was 62  cold and smelled of  rain from the previous night. I really need to walk more in the woods, something I stopped doing when our old dog sick and couldnt walk far anymore. But now we Lilly I have to start again, plus Andrea got her new knee so its time for her to get in shape as well.

Like I said, it is a flat, short easy hike a little stream runs paralell to it and towards the end is pond  at which you sometimes manage to see deer…not today but we saw a Blue Heron with what looks like some sort of small snake in  his beak.

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