Solar eclipse

After a few faield attempts i was able to find a campground right in the path of the eclispe in West Lenoy,TN…pretty good price too 6 nights for under $250 for full hookups. 6 nights because I am in virtual class that week and need reliable internet to attend.

Place seems nice and the staff was very friendly.
Anyone else going out for the eclipse ?

7 thoughts on “Solar eclipse

    • That’s my worry with those places.. I will let you know how it worked out and if you don’t hear back from me you know where to send the police to look for my body. Have you checked out the website ? Does it look like they made improvement ? Do i need to have the 12 gauge next to the bed ?

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      • haha I’ll let the authorities know!! I did look and it looks quite improved. When we stayed the girls called it shady acres because of the people. Coincidentally, there is a shady acres rv near lebanon, TN that we haven’t stayed at.

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      • We stayed at a palce like that once… it should have been a warning when the directions included ” turn left at the collapsed shed ”
        I dont understand why they dont try to keep “seasonal” & “day campers” apart People that want to relax for the weekend dont want to hear table saws and banjos playing.
        Our place was called “Whip-Oh-Will Campground” and that name has become a term now for a bad campground ( we only stayed in another similar one on the DelMarVa once and ended up with a nail in the tire causing a chain reaction of nasty letters and ended up at the BBB with my “Tire warranty”.. so since then we avid them and rather stay at Cracker Barrels

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    • That is fortunate…its kinda crazy to travel that long and spend that money to see something for a fewe minutes. But ..bad decision make for good stories and I am at thr age now where I can appreciate a solar eclipse. ( I guess, we will know when I see it )


      • Oh, I’m excited. I wouldn’t let Rob make a reservation to go camp anywhere that day, because it was going right over my head here. We both remember another eclipse when we were young children, and both were impressed with it.


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