But its for the better..

Is this how clickbait works ? Scary headline just enough info so you want to know more ?

Well it is true..she left me ..but she is coming back. A friend of ours and hers had the last minute idea to fly out to chicago to see the last show of the DEAD & COMPANY  at Wrigley Field. Andrea didnt want to go but she wanted to go … if that makes sense.. i rather would have not spent the money but she really wanted to go and what else if nit being supportive is a husband going to be ?

Plus “bad decisisons” make for good stories.

Happy, happy  hippy girls

2 thoughts on “ANDREA LEFT ME…..

    • yeah.. I wasn’t married yesterday… 🙂 need those brownie points

      It was funny to see how me saying ” Go if you want to go ” was within 5 min both interpreted as ” “OH YOU WANT TO GET RID OF ME” … and “IF YOU DONT WANT ME TO GO JUST SAY SO”



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