Our UBER nightmare

We got a taste of the FREE MARKET….. We stayed at the KOA in Clarksboro,NJ and took an UBER to get to the BT&T Pavillion in Camden,NJ…price ~ $26

The fun started on the way back.

1 st UBER took 15 min to get to us then was stolen by other people. I called the driver and he was rude and told me  to cancel it ..he doesnt f..ing care

2 nd UBER took 10 min, couldnt find us,…didn’t answer his phone or text messages then called us and said he would cancel the trip

3rd UBER…after 45 min of no available UBERs …charged us ( well not him but UBER ) $94  to get home…If thats not a lesson on SUPPLY & DEMAND then I don’t know what is. BUT we had 2 dogs at the Campground that needed to be walked so we didnt have many options…The driver itself was super nice.

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