USB Charging Station

Big surprise…. the USB charge ports in the bedroom broke ..first 1 then the other one as well… I didnt have the energy to deal with THOR customer service or adding it to the list for the dealer so I just ordered the replacement and installed it myself.

I don’t like that it glows blue BUT the wife likes it so I guess it doesnt make much of an impact in drawing power so I will let it be for  now.

I submitted the claim via email and actually got a reply back saying it will take a few weeks to get the check mailed to us.

3 thoughts on “USB Charging Station

    • You can buy induction based plates for regular outlets that gives you one usb port to charge from. It might not help when boondocking but takes the need for those pesty chargers away. If you have room and know where you can steal 12 V you can easily add a usb carger station yourself. I am thinking about doing that in the kitchen… for the same price 1 of those wallplates with 1 usb port i can get 4 if i run it via 12 v

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