The tour is coming to an end

Right now are are sitting all groomed and dolled up inside the rig and am enjoying a nice meal and AC before we will call our UBER to get us to the BT&T Pavillion in Camden,NJ to see the last ( for us ) show of Dead & Company in 2017.

What a Long Strange Trip it’s been. I went to more concerts in the last 4 weeks than  in the 45 years I been alive combined. I learned about “the familiy” “being kind” “shakedown” “the grilled cheese” “wondered what the big deal about doing ballons is” got hugged by strangers, almost got trampeled , had my beard fondled inappropiatly more than  I am comfortable with …..but overall I had a very happy wife that was glad to be able to dance with her new titanium knee….and that made it all worth it.

I also noticed alot of people dont know how to party responsible. They show up drunk or stoned before the show and it goes downhill fast from there. I learned that it does not take much to be kind and people often just like someone that listens to them and that almost everyone has a GRATE story to tell.

As they say….sometimes the songs that you hear are the songs of your own…

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