How to recycle ?

Ok I like to be on @TEAMEARTH but when traveling its getting really hard. Every state and it seems county does recycle differently. At home base we do 1 recycle bin no sorting required. Other places do paper and then everything else, all sorted or sorted in any way shape of form you can sort. Others require the tin cans to be put in a different bin ( I assume for camphosts /buyscouts to get the money )

How is one suppose to save the planet when recycling becomes a nasty smelling jigzaw puzzle ?

2 thoughts on “How to recycle ?

  1. Oh my, we had this same discussion at our recent stay! At home, blue can is for recycling and no sorting. Green can is for plant waste. Every can was green!! We looked inside and it was regular waste. Can’t they standardize the color of the cans??


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