6/13 Effingham,IL to Toronto,OH

470 miles ….

Austin Lake RV Resort.

I am no a fan of RV Resorts. BIG, BULKY, LOUD, KIDS, DRUNKS, HAPPY HOURS…… this place doesnt seems much different but its clean and seems safe. Our Neighbors are from WV  and have the 3 sites next to us set up a  group camp including wagon circle, kitchen area, courtyard, play area and armory where they keep their german shepherd that barks at everything  and that they let run lose to do his business and no one picks it up even if its right next to a picnic table. And then people wonder why its hard to find places that allow dogs these days.. Other than that they seem nice and polite and I dont judge men by the size of their pickup truck.

Well its only 2 days we stay here and we are planning on keeping a low profile. Andrea has to work today and tomorrow evening we have the concert in Burrgetstown. PA.

3 thoughts on “6/13 Effingham,IL to Toronto,OH

  1. We had dog issue on our recent, but short, trip. On 2 different occasions and different dogs, the dogs wandered into our site and then started barking AT OUR DOOR. The door was open, screen door closed, and our dog was sitting at the top of the steps looking outside. The first dog’s owner never came over or acknowledged anything. We just shooed it away.

    A couple of days later the same thing happened again with a different dog. Kiddo #2 had our dog our for a walk – dog saw me move by the door and started barking. Owner said “Oh, he won’t hurt anyone.” Really?? I’m in my own RV wondering if your german shepard is going to go through the screen and that’s what you have to say??

    Our pup is always on a leash when outside the RV. We don’t think he will hurt anyone (our huge 15 pound dog!) but you never know.

    As for other behavior, guess we need a special RV park for quiet! Some parks don’t enforce quiet time which is really annoying! If we are planning a driving day the next day, we want to get some sleep.

    Sorry for the long rant!

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    • Yeah i dont get people like that… same when we go hiking and peeps have their dogs off leash then say oh he is friendly followed by their dog playing and jumping over my 14 year old beagle till he yelps cause he doesnt want to play..

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