06/12 Junction City,KS to Effingham,MO

480  ish miles I think. The landscape starting to look like the northeast again..more trees and few rolling hills. We didn’t even bother with looking too much for a Harvest Host today , we just figure dout the distance we want to go andf then selected a Cracker Barrel to go to . It ended up being one in Effingham,IL..home of Americas tallest cross…

It was HOT..HOT ..HOT we ended up running the generator / AC for a few hours just so we can get some sleep. 

If everything goes well today its going to be a 440 miles day to our campground in Toronto, Ohio. Our reservation doesnt start till tomorrow but we hope that we can check in a day early.

2 thoughts on “06/12 Junction City,KS to Effingham,MO

  1. I was in the construction zone called Northern Indiana on the 13th. What a mess. Dodging orange barrels and crazy impatient drivers is not my cup of tea. I visited Bass Pro Shop and took the plunge, bought a Yeti 50 Cooler for our trips and camping. It sure is not the igloo and I hope it is worth the money. You probably would have liked the Dunes of southern Lake Michigan in Indiana but I am sure it would have been a nightmare to get too. I read this a day late, if you came through Indiana on I74 you could have camped in my driveway! Safe Travels on your way home.

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