06/11 Firestone, CO –  Junction City , KS

Holy Schneiki it’s HOT… driving through kansas was HOT and WINDY. First we had planned to stay at a Harvest Host in Paxico but they would have been closed byt the time we would have gotten there. Then we wanted to stray at a I-70 Rest Area but the.2 we tried  had no. RV loops and were too close to the interstate. 

We ended up ( once agan ) at a Cracker Barrel.. this time in Junction City, KS. 

We ended up ordering  dinner ONLINE from QDOBA next door. It was ok.. nothing to write home about I wish I would gone with a salad and a taco  but I was hungry and dont think rational when I am.

Kansas..no offense to Kansas was not too exciting although I would like to come back and visit  the Eisenhower Presidential Libary.  But overall I would describe Kansas like this.

Even Hunter had enough and  decided to sleep on the couch vs his little doggie window.

It was hot even at 10 PM it was still 88F outside Andrea got mad cause I said I dont want to run the generator to run the AC. But at midnight I couldn’t take it anymore and turned it on and then off at around 3 AM..by then  it was cool enough outside.

We got up had breakfast at CB, got our coffee to go and were back on the road  by 8:30 AM.

Today we are aiming for Illinois..Effingham Area… I have another CB mapped out but if we find a Cabela’s before that we might go there instead

5 thoughts on “06/11 Firestone, CO –  Junction City , KS

    • I didn’t smell much..but then I tried not to be outsid emuch either with the scorching heat.. does it always get like that in summer ? It was brutal. I talked to a lady and she said it was 76 at 5 AM when she got up. We are driving by Leavensworth and Ft Leavensworth … Is there a military Prison here ? Andrea said something she heard there was.


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