Dead & Company @ Folsum Field 06/11/2017

What a great show and …what a strange long trip it’s been. 

Being the cold hearded/heartless german people think of me as I am always surprised at the kindness at these shows. Generations of people dancing and have a good time together away from all the struggle of daily live. Out in the field we are not bankers, janitors, mechanics,programmers or unemployed.. we are Dead Heads.

The set list was great and the show went from 7 PM till about 11 PM with the personal highligt for me being Oteil Burbridge singing “China Doll”

We are packing the RV up , the outside is  done…waiting for grumpy andrea to get the inside done… Our friend is back on the way to the airport to fly back to NY to work and will meet up with us  next Friday for the Boston Shows.

We hope to make it to a Harvest Host in Kansas today but we shall see where we will end up. The next show isnt till Thursday for us.

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