Dead & Company @ Folsum Field 06/09/2017

Super Show.. St Vrain State Park is pretty  good located . The drive to Folsum Stadium is about 45 min and getting in and out of the venue is pretty easy. Show started at around 7 PM and ended around 11 PM ish. 

I had to leave early to take care of the dogs ( alone in RV for 6 hours ) and we couldnt find our friend that took a ride with us . I decided to leave Andrea behind to find our friend and bring her home and I would take  an UBER to the campground .

This was my first UBER ride and I loved IT. The driver was nice and polite and everything just worked.

Tonight  is the second show at Folsum Field and I cant wait to see/hear what they are playing today.

3 thoughts on “Dead & Company @ Folsum Field 06/09/2017

  1. So you guys are doing both shows?!?

    Not quite a Deadhead, but they are one of my favorites. Wish I’d seen them when Jerry was alive, but I’d take ’em any way I could get’ em now.

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      • Sweet!

        One of my friends who *is* a bona-fide Deadhead is part of a Philly-area band called Breaking Dead. They’ve posted a couple of jam session videos to their Facebook page that you might like. They’re not a tribute band – just great blues (which I love, love, love).

        So now we have to figure out how to add Philadelphia to our route đŸ˜€

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