Redrocks Amphitheatre

What a great venue for concert… 

We went there late ( 45 min before show starts ) and had to park in the lower area on the side of the road and trek up  to the venue. Nice walk but Andrea’s knee was a bit sore from the exercise. ( the whole thing could have been avoided if she would have not forgotten her ADA tag )

FOr me it was a great hike and I loved ebery moment of it.. specially seeing  people half my age and 1/3 my bodyeight huffing and puffing and struggling while I had no issues whatsever. After my torn achilles it feels so good to be back on my feet and trails.

The Show was great ..BRITT FLOYD played Pink Floyd songs, the mix between great music and the scenery made the whole thing an amazing experience. Once again I wish we would have more time in CO to explore more of this great state but sunday we have to start heading back east for the other Dead & Company Shows.

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