Rabbit Mountain Open Area, CO

We really love Colorado but why is it so dog unfriendly ? Even trailheads outside the NP dont allow dogs. We went to Lake Lily ( since our dog  is named Lilly ) and had the same issues. NO DOGS ON TRAIL.. but they are allowed in the picnic area ( opposite to most east coast trails )

We ended up trying the Rabbit Mountain Open Area and were surprised to find out that they allow dogs. We tried another “open area” and as soon as we pulled in we saw the NO PETS signs

This was nothing spectacular or mind blowing but it was nice to stretch the legs and take the dogs for a  real walk after sitting in the car for most of the day.

It was HOT and we ( me ) left the water in the car.. so we all suffered..the dogs were panting and looking for cool spots to lay in and for a while I thought about leaving andrea and the dogs in the shade and running to the car to get water. But…bad decisison make for good stories and we continued our walk. We want to come back one day this week and do one of the loops but our time in Colorado is running out slowly and it is suppose to rain the next 2 days and Thursday, Friday , Saturday we are going to see some concert ( Brit Floyd in Red Rock and Dead & Company  in Folsum Field )

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