It’s not all fun and games.

I used ( or tried to ) the saniflush system tonight for the first time and was not impressed. I would have thought it would get more crud out of the black tank…or atleast cause more water to come out….When I went back inside the unit andrea told me she heard a weird hissing sound and that the throw carpets in the bedroom and hallway are soaking wet. I went outside and checked the storage compartment and it was full of water coming from the compartment under the big drawer in the bedroom that houses the hot water tank.

Not sure why the saniflush would go all the way over there unless something was hooked up incorrectly. No more leaks now and I will not use the sani system again till we get back east  back to the dealer.. I am very reluctant using the city water hookup suspecting more plumbing issues gone wrong in the factory. Maybe its time to look into RV lemon laws.

7 thoughts on “It’s not all fun and games.

  1. I would hate to speculate what that problem would be. Plugged outlet? Spray head disconnect? Overflow plugged ? I would be livid. And everything is so easy to get to if your a contortionist!

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  2. So sorry to hear about all the problems you’re having with your RV. Makes me wonder if it’s not better to buy a late model used unit from a single owner after all the bugs have been worked out (or at least identified). Good luck!!

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  3. I, like you heard the swish sound and wasn’t impressed with the results. Unlike you, I had no wet carpet. I recently met some folks who bought one of those mega driving rigs to live in. They said they could hardly leave the dealership due to all the malfunctions. Took about 6 months to get the kinks worked out. Dang baby boomers are buying RVs so fast that the manufacturers are throwing them together. I hope you can get your repaired quickly.

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    • I have heard similar stories where people cant use the rig for months after buying. I hope we are not one of those. In a way I feel bad for the dealer too, they are selling a product and then getting a wreck to give to the customer and have to deal with his wrath.
      But if they would be a bit more responsive, inform people more it might not get to these arguments. Also I am starting to think that there are no good RV technicans around anymore.. well I have not found them ) I almost think that with common sense, youtube and the owners manual I can fix most of the things myself ( unless special tools, lifts are required )


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