Sourdough Trail – Roosevelt National Forest,CO 

WE LOVE COLORADO…and already talking abour coming back in fall or possibly spending the summer 2018 here.

This morning we took a drive up to Nederland, the plan was to hike the loop around Rainbow Lake but the road to it was closed so we drove back and parked at the Sourdough Trailhead.

We took it easy since we are not used to hiking at over 9000 feet and since andrea has a new knee, but we did good. The trail is easy I would say lots of switchback, steady slow incline at least thepart we did. Andrea said I should go ahead and she wait for me  but shortly after I left her it started to hail and I walked back to her and we started walking towards the parking lot. OH well it still felt great to hike again and hopefully tomorrow we get some more in.
We started the day with some blueberry pancakes

The drive up to nederland was great

12 thoughts on “Sourdough Trail – Roosevelt National Forest,CO 

    • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park…this one ? We only been here once for skiing in Loveland… ( besides the many times I been here for work not seeing anything other than the back of a serverrack ) we are hoping to come back in fall or maybe spent spring/summer 2018 here and explore the state more.


    • She was bone on bone.. they did 2 surgeries to clean it up but that did not give her any pain relief and she was only able to walk maybe a few hundred feet without a walker. On some trip we even took a wheelchair with us so we could go and see places. The knee kept “locking” up on her causing extrem pain. They ( the specialist ) kept telling her she is too young for a knee replacement, we then found a doctor in Albany,NY that told her it is “elective surgery” and if she wants it she can have it. They did the knee replacement and 3 days later she was back home & after 3 weeks she was able to walk without any assitance ( walker,cane, etc ) she said she should have done it 4 years ago instead of wasting money on the 2 “cleanup” meniskus cleanup surgeries.

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      • Ouch. Yeah, I’m not to that point yet. Pain is manageable and I walk a couple miles every day. The “locking up” is what I’m starting to see, though. And full extension is becoming a problem. I should probably make an appointment….

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      • Yeah thats how it started with her.. when you go to a specialist make sure they take the Xray with full weight on the knee. They didn’t with andreas first 2 surgeries and when we went to the knee specialist he found out that she is “bone on bone” and no cortisone shot in the world will fix that.

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      • Yes the quality of life has improved so much for her. She went from skiing 50 days a season to not being able to walk .. and now back to “normal” again. I guess the key is know your rights as a patient and realize that the doctors dont always have your best interest in mind but they want to make money of you and your insurrance…and a sick patient is a repeat customer


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