Day 7 ..workday

I got up at 4:30 walked the dogs and made myself some coffee. and started checking/cleaning out my email. I was a bit worried about my hotspot setup but it all worked out. I couldn’t get the WIFI share with PDANET to work so I just reconfigured by LAN extender to my T-Mobile Hotspot and was able to work.

It’s funny how internally and looking at the clock on my laptop I was fully in EDT mode.. I ate my lunch at 10 AM MDT and Iwas done with work at 3 PM MDT… we took the bikes for a ride around the ponds and got our “tow vehicle” sticker for the car. Then we checked about the fishing licenses .. of course it was not a simple task.. so besides the 5 days license for $21 you also need a Habitat Stamp for $10. Whats the deal Colorado ? just make one price and stop this surcharge crap.

After our bike ride we took a nice hot shower and am chillin now and waiting for it to cool down a bit so we can sit outside and enjoy the views… but not too long maybe they have a “you looked at the mountains too long” surcharge

the sunrise was also pretty nice today… 

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