Day 3 … IN to NE

Day 3 consisted of a long ride. We drove through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa into Nebraska. Landscape wise I have to say it was pretty boring. One field after the other, a few rolling hills and more farming. From a historial point of view Iwould like to returns tons of famous people birthhouses and I think I saw a presidential libary too.

We barely made it into Nebraska and stayed the night at a Cabella’s right off I-80. Not too much roadnoise and only 1 more camper next to us.

They even offer Horse Parking here and have Kennels if you want to visit the store and dont want to leave pets inside your vehicle. 

3 thoughts on “Day 3 … IN to NE

  1. My grandfather from Virginia who never left there said he had never seen so much flat land. But yeah, if you seen one corn field you have seen them all, Been on that drive many times and it is boring, possible Kansas is more boring. Southern part of Indiana/Illinois is much nicer especially in the fall.

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