only 404 miles today. we decided not to  go via wyoming since we couldnt find anything good for a overnight stay close to the area we were traveling through.. so WY will have to wait.

The section of I-76 from I-80 was horrible… Maybe they should spend some of that herbal tax money on their roads.

We decided to stay the night at North Sterling State Park about 100 miles from our final destination (St. Vrain SP)

The site cost $25 and comes with electric. Showers are 75 cent for 3 minutes. Cell coverage for Verizon, ATT &T-mobile ist pretty good. I turned on the cellbooster and got 10 Mbit with my T-mobile hotspot and  26 Mbit with Verizon and 5 Mbit with ATT.

5 thoughts on “

      • It gets better.. so besides paying $30 a night for the current campsite we are also required to have a Colorado State Access Pass at $7 a day OR $70 for the year. Staying 11 nights here so anual pass it is.


      • You might consider adding that info to Campendium or another review site. I looked up this campground & there’s no mention of these extra charges – just a couple of 5-star reviews (despite one reviewer being asked to move camp after setup, and the other finding the bathroom full of dead bugs). Both said it’s a beautiful place, though.

        Hope you enjoy your stay despite the emptier-than-anticipated wallet.


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