On the Road Day 1

We finally made it…THOR of course promptly delivered the replacement Radio as we were pulling out. I guess that will be my little project for the road…but the USB speaker works well. 

It took us longer than expected to hook upo the car but Iam sure that will be a task that gets easier every time we do it.

We drove about 200 miles and made it to Bloomsburg, PA. First we wanted to try the one in Wilkes BArre, PA..but the review said small rigs only  and the parking lot was small. 

Turns out to be a nice spot whcih was not yet added to the “Overnight Parking” App. So this morning after breakfast I did thge painful tasks of adding it via my phone.

Today goal is around 500 miles in the ELkhart, IN area..maybe we overnight at the RV Museum. We shall see..

4 thoughts on “On the Road Day 1

    • Most Cracker Barrels allow RVs to overnight park. We look them up on google then sat view the area to see if they have dedicated RV parking and how to get there. When we park I go in and ask for a manager and check that its OK to overnight park. In 3 years we never been turned down.
      Cabella’s is the same way and sometimes even have dumps.
      Have you checked our HarvestHosts.com. They also have alot of nice free overnight locations if you travel at a slower speed/ have shorter travel days.

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